BrianaBakes is a custom order bakery
based in Rock Hill, South Carolina.


We specialize in southern goodness that will whisk you back to the days of standing in your grandparents’ kitchen eating cookies fresh from the oven. Handmade, homemade, and baked with love by professional pastry chef Briana Wagner, every treat, whether sweet or savory, is the perfect choice for your events, birthdays, or even just a rainy afternoon.

Because when Briana bakes something for you,
today’s already a special occasion.


Hey y’all! I’m Briana Wagner, the professional pastry chef behind BrianaBakes. Though I spend most days dusted with flour, my life hasn’t always been so glamourous.

My story with food starts back in the days that I was so little that I’d sit on the countertop of my grandparents’ kitchen, helping my grandmother whip up her famous pineapple cookies. I didn’t know it just then, but it was in that kitchen that I was seeing the ways in which food (especially sweet, Southern goodness) can bring people together and keep them together, making memories for a lifetime.

Baking for me goes a lot deeper than just being in the kitchen. It’s a bond that I have with my kitchen and my family. As I got older (and stopped sitting on the counter!), my connection to baking only grew stronger.

To pursue my dream, I ultimately went to culinary school at the Art Institute of Charleston, graduating from its acclaimed pastry program with honors in 2013.

After learning the techniques, recipes, and the ins and outs of the pastry arts, I’ve taken everything, folded it in, and sprinkled some of my homegrown passion right onto BrianaBakes.

In that spirit, I invite you to pull up a chair (or hop up on the counter), take a bite, and get whisked away!